The Premier New York Title Company

Because title insurance rates are set by the government, all title insurance companies in New York charge very similar fees. With so much going on when buying a residential or commercial property, it’s understandable that very few buyers think about a title insurance company. After all, they all cost the same and, to an outsider, provide the same title insurance. So why not cross “choose a title insurance company” off the to-do list and move on?

While the fees may be similar, the service and expertise can be very different.

Your Title, Your Choice

Although many buyers get closing and title services from the company their attorney, agent / broker, or lender recommends, buyers are free to choose whichever title company they wish.

Choosing Cornerstone can benefit buyers long before settlement and closing.

Even before a contract has been signed, Cornerstone can provide a wealth of information about any New York property under consideration, including:

  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • Encumbrances
  • Easements
  • Open permits
  • Other factors that can impede or cloud ownership

We’ve uncovered forgotten covenants (that are still in force) from century-old subway maps and agreements. We’ve found restrictions from 19th-century deeds, past transactions that lacked important signatures, and a variety of issues that could have delayed or eliminated a sale. By participating early in the buying process, we can uncover issues while there’s time to mitigate them.

The result: Timely closings without delays.

Solving Title and Property Issues

With over 16,000 closings for residential and commercial properties during nearly two decades, Cornerstone has helped thousands of buyers realize the American Dream of property ownership. We add value before, during, and after the sale, for everything from disputed titles to finding a company that can quickly repair a buckling sidewalk that’s holding up closing.

Most importantly, our loyalty is to our clients, ensuring that they receive the protection and peace of mind they need from their title insurance. We are always available, even long after closing, to answer questions, offer unbiased advice, and provide assistance.

As our thousands of clients can attest, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards, and we only recommend professionals who do the same. We believe that every client should understand the services they’re receiving and the cost of those services so they can make informed decisions.

If you share our values, we can be a valuable resource for managing closing anywhere in New York. Please contact us so we can help you realize the American Dream.

What Our Customers Say

Working with Cornerstone was fantastic! The customer service was above and beyond. I highly recommend them!

– Attorney

As a full service real estate development company, our needs are vast and Cornerstone always exceeds our expectations.

– Real Estate Developer

Cornerstone was professional, knowledgeable and very responsive. I’ve recommended them to several friends and they’ve all had positive experiences.

– Homebuyer

Cornerstone is the best in the biz. They handled a particularly brutal closing where I had 99 problems, but title wasn’t one of them. Highly recommend!

– Real Estate Developer