Finding the Right Real Estate Attorney

All title insurance companies charge the same fees, as mandated by law. But all title insurance companies aren’t the same. Cornerstone adds value every step of the way. From answering questions about the home-buying process to explaining fees and other typical closing costs, we are committed to making your purchase experience as easy as possible.

Our due diligence goes deeper to uncover long-forgotten covenants, lost deeds or ancient mortgages, and missing paperwork that can delay closing. Then, we make sure you know what needs to be done with plenty of time to ensure a smooth settlement.

Why You Need a Real Estate Closing Attorney

Many attorneys don’t specialize in real estate but manage settlements as one of many services. Working with an attorney who specializes in real estate, rather than a general counsel, is critical, especially in New York.

New York City real estate transactions can be complicated, with many nuances. Each county is slightly different, and rules and regulations change often. When a transaction involves a lot of moving parts, as real estate does in New York, buyers are best served by someone who knows the ins and outs in depth. Even a “simple” real estate transaction requires a high level of coordination and due diligence, which many general attorneys may not be able to provide.

For commercial transactions, the need for an expert real estate attorney can be even greater. Attorneys must have in-depth knowledge of zoning, access agreements, and other specialized areas. Leasing, rather than buying, commercial property adds another layer of complexity.

When a transaction may be delayed or canceled because of missing documentation, unresolved due diligence, legal disputes, or discrepancies, an attorney who specializes in the geographic area and the process can be invaluable.

How Cornerstone Can Help

Cornerstone has helped commercial and residential buyers realize the American Dream of ownership for nearly two decades. Having completed more than 16,000 closings, we’ve worked with practically every attorney who handles real estate in New York.

We can provide guidance on the pricing, efficiency, responsiveness, and expertise of virtually every real estate transaction attorney in the five boroughs. We know how attorneys’ fees vary in each borough and each area. If a buyer needs specific expertise or accessibility, we know that as well.

Because Cornerstone has relationships with so many attorneys, we can offer unbiased advice on who offers the best combination of value, expertise, and service for each residential or commercial transaction. We can also validate or often provide additional information and insights into the attorneys an agent may suggest.

We also hold ourselves to the highest ethical and moral standards, and we only recommend professionals who are transparent about their fees and services. If you share our values, we can help you find the best real estate attorney for your specific needs and transactions. Please contact us so we can help you achieve the American Dream.

What Our Customers Say

Working with Cornerstone was fantastic! The customer service was above and beyond. I highly recommend them!

– Attorney

As a full service real estate development company, our needs are vast and Cornerstone always exceeds our expectations.

– Real Estate Developer

Cornerstone was professional, knowledgeable and very responsive. I’ve recommended them to several friends and they’ve all had positive experiences.

– Homebuyer

Cornerstone is the best in the biz. They handled a particularly brutal closing where I had 99 problems, but title wasn’t one of them. Highly recommend!

– Real Estate Developer