Support for You, Your Clients, and Your Deals

We’ll make you the hero to your clients by ensuring a timely closing, whether you represent a residential or commercial client, a buyer or a seller.

Get More Value from the Beginning

With title insurance costs set by the government, here’s how Cornerstone supports you and adds value to every transaction:

  • Proactive due diligence identifies and corrects potential issues that can slow or derail the process, so they can be solved before closing.
  • A dedicated team and constant communication, including direct access to our attorneys, keep you informed and address any concerns.
  • Educational materials and expert insights make you a more valuable resource to your clients.
  • Referrals and introductions help you grow your business.

We Manage, You Profit

We help manage every step of the process, whether it’s our responsibility or not. If paperwork is needed, missing, or outdated, we’ll contact the third party—repeatedly if necessary—to get what your client needs in a timely fashion. We’ll find old deeds and decades-old covenants that can stop or delay a transaction, and we’ll resolve those issues as early in the process as possible.

In short, Cornerstone is dedicated to the same priorities as you are: helping your clients enjoy a successful closing.

What Our Customers Say

Working with Cornerstone was fantastic! The customer service was above and beyond. I highly recommend them!

– Attorney

As a full service real estate development company, our needs are vast and Cornerstone always exceeds our expectations.

– Real Estate Developer

Cornerstone was professional, knowledgeable and very responsive. I’ve recommended them to several friends and they’ve all had positive experiences.

– Homebuyer

Cornerstone is the best in the biz. They handled a particularly brutal closing where I had 99 problems, but title wasn’t one of them. Highly recommend!

– Real Estate Developer