Making the American Dream Happen

Much of the American Dream takes place behind the scenes: all the steps from the initial contract to the closing table.

Start Smart for a Smooth Closing

All title insurance companies charge the same fees, as mandated by law. But all title insurance companies aren’t the same. Cornerstone adds value every step of the way. From answering questions about the home-buying process to explaining fees and other typical closing costs, we are committed to making your purchase experience as easy as possible.

Our due diligence goes deeper to uncover long-forgotten covenants, lost deeds or ancient mortgages, and missing paperwork that can delay closing. Then, we make sure you know what needs to be done with plenty of time to ensure a smooth settlement.

Well Connected

Having completed more than 16,000 deals, we can also introduce you to other professionals we know and trust—including attorneys, brokers, and lenders—at every stage of the process, even after closing. Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing, we’re always available for questions, guidance, or insights.

Identify Potential Deal-Breakers Before the Deal

Want to know whether a deal is worth pursuing before you’ve committed significant resources? The Cornerstone Report—an industry-exclusive offering—can give you the information you need on virtually any property before a contract is signed, which can keep your American Dream from turning into a headache.

What Our Customers Say

Working with Cornerstone was fantastic! The customer service was above and beyond. I highly recommend them!

– Attorney

As a full service real estate development company, our needs are vast and Cornerstone always exceeds our expectations.

– Real Estate Developer

Cornerstone was professional, knowledgeable and very responsive. I’ve recommended them to several friends and they’ve all had positive experiences.

– Homebuyer

Cornerstone is the best in the biz. They handled a particularly brutal closing where I had 99 problems, but title wasn’t one of them. Highly recommend!

– Real Estate Developer