Save Time and Money By Understanding Zoning Exhibit Requirements

Here, we outline the five documents, or exhibits, that the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) requires when applying for a construction or renovation permit.

Cornerstone Insight

The DOB requires that developers who are constructing a new building or enlarging an existing one must file five zoning exhibits with the City Register or County Clerk’s office and obtain a CRFN (City Register File Number) before submitting the application and supporting documents for review. Up to five different exhibits may apply, depending on your ownership structure or the type of premises. Your title company should supply these.

The five exhibit types are:

1. Certification of zoning lot—Single ownership. For properties with a single owner; a title company licensed in New York State certifies that only a single party has an interest in the zoning lot.

2. Certification of zoning lot—Multiple owners. Similar to Exhibit 1, but for properties with multiple owners.

3. Ownership statement. A description of the zoning lot; the applicant must specify and describe the tax lots that are applicable to the zoning lot.

4. Zoning lot restriction. Declares that a certain parcel of land is to be treated as a zoning lot by interested parties when there are multiple owners.

5. Waiver of zoning lot restriction. Certifies that the parties of interest waive their rights to execute a declaration.

Working with a title company that has extensive expertise in preparing DOB exhibits can avoid costly delays.

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