A Tax-Saving Tool That Can Accelerate The Return On Your Building

Many owners and developers are not familiar with cost segregation. With this strategy, owners who have constructed, purchased, expanded, or remodeled any kind of real estate can increase cash flow by accelerating depreciation deductions and deferring federal and state income taxes.

The Deal

Here’s an example of title insurance costs on an all cash transaction for $12,000,000

Queens County

Fee Policy: $39,941
Title Fees: $500+
Recording Fees: $400+
NYS Transfer Tax: $78,000  
NYC Transfer Tax: $315,000

Cornerstone Insight

Anyone planning to hold commercial property for five years or more should think seriously about doing a cost segregation study, the first step of the process. Rather than depreciating an entire building over a period of decades, cost segregation makes it possible to depreciate many components of a building much faster—in many cases, only a few years—resulting in significant tax savings.

If you have any questions about cost segregation or need an introduction to someone who performs cost segregation studies, please contact us.