Every other week, we’ll highlight a deal to show you what title insurance costs, as well as what happens behind the scenes to streamline the closing process.

The vaccine is here, and there’s at least a perception that things are starting to stabilize. With that comes a revived interest in commercial assets in Manhattan and the opportunity to find some value-add opportunities. One deal in Tribeca had two very attractive qualities:

  • The lots were to be delivered vacant
  • The lots were zoned for both commercial and residential uses

This deal highlighted the value of due diligence.

The Deal

Purchase of vacant lots in Tribeca:

New York County (Acquisition of commercial assets for $18 million with $9 million in financing)

Fee Policy: $56,111
Loan Policy: $7,637
Title Fees: $1,000+
NYS Transfer Tax: $117,000
NYC Transfer Tax: $472,500
Mortgage Tax: $252,000
County Recording Fees: $1,000+
Title Grade: N/A

Cornerstone Insight

Many purchasers don’t understand the value of the due diligence that a good title company can provide. We are often the forgotten asset. In many cases, professionals don’t know how to engage with their title company.

Purchasing vacant land is a perfect example of this, and the current zoning doesn’t always tell the full story. Deed restrictions can prevent a developer from building what they want to build on it. For example, there was one situation where a developer planned to build a multi-family property, only to find out that the deed restricted an owner from building anything that was not a community or religious facility. A good title company could have discovered that restriction early in the process and saved the potential purchaser time and money.

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