Most title insurance companies follow a simple process:

  • Research the property for any title issues
  • Flag and report those issues
  • Take the buyer’s money

Unless the title is challenged later and the insurer has to defend the title, that’s usually the end of the insurer’s involvement.

We do things a little differently, because our goal is to help make the closing process as quick and easy as possible. That means going above and beyond.

What We Do Differently

Cornerstone Land Abstract was founded by attorneys experienced in the process of getting deals closed. Our business model is built on a successful transaction, not just issuing a title insurance policy.

That means that flagging potential title issues is the beginning of our process, not the end.

  • When a title issue is an obstacle to closing, we take the initiative to clear the issue or work with the company or person who can fix it.
  • When we encounter old mortgages, we research the mortgage history and identify the lenders to aid in the process of obtaining satisfactions.
  • When estates are in title, we send examiners to the respective surrogate courts to clear as many estate questions as possible to prevent issues that will delay closing.

We’re not just a title insurer. We’re a hands-on, proactive ally helping to ensure a quick, smooth, and successful closing.

Getting Involved Early

We try to be involved early in the process by offering due diligence on properties up front for our clients, even though it doesn’t always lead to an actual deal. When clients bring us on board during the property evaluation and acquisition phases, we become a more valuable advisor during any real estate purchase or investment, and they save time and money. We want to be an asset to the customer through the entire process because the sooner an issue is identified and solved, the faster and smoother the settlement.

Typically, there are different paths to get to a successful transaction, and identifying issues earlier makes more options possible. Every real estate purchase has its own set of complexities, and understanding them beforehand makes it easier to resolve issues while still ensuring clean title.

What We Do Behind the Scenes

Much of our work goes unseen. Here’s what we do to help get a transaction to closing:

  • Offer upfront due diligence and intel on the “title” health of a property
  • Increase the likelihood of closing by identifying multiples paths to closing
  • Go above and beyond with services such as traveling notaries, day-of closers, locating surveys
  • Quarterback a transaction by coordinating with all parties for required information

When we uncover a 19th century covenant that might restrict the use of a property, we not only flag it, but also research the potential impact and likelihood of enforcement. We dig into restrictions that were signed several generations ago to determine their validity. Our goal is to always provide the facts our clients need to make an informed decision.

Dedicated to Helping You Get to Settlement

Because title insurance premiums are fixed by the state, the value of a title insurer can’t be measured in their fees. The true value is in their service.

Our clients benefit because our close rate is very high, our claims rate is very low, and we help them avoid delayed closings and costly surprises. To discuss your next real estate transaction, please contact us.